Documentation, Ooh For Heaven’s Sake! Documentation!

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This is almost 9.30 in the morning but yet my headache so terribly bad I could just go home now *LOL* I’m such in a lazy mood currently and this is has to do with my job. The job which I have been working on since March 1st, 2007 until June 30th, 2010. Three amazing-unbelievable-sad-happy-horror-comedy-action-thriller-f**king brilliant-yet-doomed for destruction years! So many time spent for a former avid Job Hopper like me.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye. The final goodbye would be on June 30th so now it’s a kind of Soft Farewell (like a Soft Opening, there’s a Soft Closing). I won’t (and couldn’t) just shut down and take the plug off, I have to make this 1 month notice letter to my boss and HR people. During the last days of me being a Data Analyst here, I need to make a list of my routine jobs and also prepared documentations for each of the job.

I have a total of 17 documentable (is it a word?) tasks which need to be done either weekly or monthly. Most of it already in automatically generated mode, thus I only make documentation for worst case scenarios. If you ever take a peek of those documentations, you will mostly find task that only took 1 or 2 steps to be done. Usually goes like this:
  1. Open the SQL connection to Server XXX
  2. Run DTS / Procedure YYY
Why should I ever made such (almost) incomprehensive documentation? Because within 3 years I’m here, I’ve learned that not all people speak SQL language, even a database admin whose been working for +6 years!

The truth is, I don’t feel daunted making these docs, since I already planned on a (very) early retirement since the beginning of this year. Because of that ‘premonition’ I instinctively made How-to’s for each and every jobs I had.

So now, what’s bothering me, actually? Hm..

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