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I love this series especially the ever present push and pull air of romance of Bones and Booth. Bones is a nickname for character Dr Temperance Brennan, who specializes in human bones and skulls. The other character is FBI special agent Seeley Booth whose main job is apparently always involve Dr. Brennan and her team. Not that a bad thing, though. The focus of the story of the serial is the examination of the remains of human dead body. So, no fresh corpses here, mostly bones and skulls and how they determined what the COD which stands for Cause Of Death, btw, and how long the remains have been in the ground or wherever it were when they were found.

The character I love the most is none other Bones herself. I think Emily Deschanel has done a perfect job acting as Bones. I use to be familiar with the name Deschanel from her younger sister, actress Zooey Deschanel, but since Zooey’s acting was never far more than being cute and kooky, I prefer Emily as the Best of The Deschanel Sisters. People can easily distinguish the sisters from their bright blue eyes. In season 1, Dr Brennan found out that she’s not actually Temperance Brennan, her real name was Joy, and her parents were actually fugitive who robbed banks in the past. Her parents and brother Russ left her when she was 12, alone. She then grew up in foster care and live with many families.

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Growing up alone and deserted by her parents had made Bones feeling towards other remain cool and emotionless. She rarely shown anger or happiness. She mostly act stoic and always think logically. But, of course, that was the perfect combination, so she can always come with the best ideas and results. She’s also never seen afraid of anything and sometimes stuck in awkward situation because of her lacking of humanly senses and actions. But in time, as she’s spend more and more time with her team and Booth, she becomes more human and more sensible.

Seeley Booth is a veteran Gulf War army with his own dark story during war. He has a son from his previous relationship, thus making him more affectionate towards children. His the one who provide more human touch in the series. He’s seen angry, crying, laughing, and even regretting things. That’s why Bones and Booth spend most of their time together arguing. He also known by his friends as the person who had many troubles behind him. That’s the main ingredients that keep me hooked up, Opposite Attract. Yeah.

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Other characters include Camille Saroyan, the head of the forensic department, which means she’s the boss of Bones and even Booth, sometime. She’s not as smart as Bones but she’s more diplomatic and willing to learn, even when that means that she had to disturb others. Camille Saroyan had been in a relationship with Booth but then they broke up and remain friends.

The next was the couple Angela Montenegro and Jack Hodgins. They were on and off during the series before eventually married. Angela is a sketch artist who also excel in computer graphics and stuff. She’s the one with maternal instincts and is the best friend of Bones. She listens to others and gives feedback. Just like a perfect girlfriend would do to anyone. She’s the sweetheart of the show. Whereas Jack Hodgins is an heir of a rich company but decided to keep it underwraps, or so they say. Jack Hodgins is the entomologist, he’s the dude who identifies bugs and earth soils just by looking at it. He’s a real smart guy with some sense of humor, but he has this annoying side of him as well. And that massive afro-curly hair. Not that I am racist or hairist or anything. He’s just eccentric.

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There’s also Zack Addy, he’s the lab assistant of Bones who has Asperger Syndrome. If the lab was only consisted of Bones, Addy, and the human remains, I’d say it would be a very very quiet lab. He also mentioned that he never get angry because it wasn’t rational. His personality also progressed, though, since he’s spend more and more time working with the eccentric Hodgins. Other additional character is Dr Lance Sweets, who became a shrink who dealt with both Bones and Booth after FBI arrested her fugitive father. Dr Sweets is a sweet faced guy who apparently as annoying as he can be. But as the show progress, Dr Sweets is actually helping Bones and especially Booth, after his brain tumor surgery.

Judging from the romantic tension between Bones and Booth, I’m guessing that the moment they declare love for each other, that would be the end of the series as well. That or some other plot, of course. Anyway, this is one of the series I just can’t miss!


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