Back-to-back Movie Marathon

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With the help of total 3 friends tagging along, I’ve just made my own record breaking Back-to-back Movie Watching marathon. The latest record was watching 2 movies in a row at the same night, same movie theatre. Last night a new record was placed under my own name: 3 movies in a row! Well, I actually relocated from the previous theatre location (Plaza Semanggi) to another one (Hollywood KC).

In Plangi I watched Letters To Juliet, while waiting for my friends for our appointed movie date. I have been attending this course and it ends around 3.30 PM in Friday. My appointment was on 7 PM. Thus I have plenty of time to spend. Because I think that if I went home first and then get back to the appointed place, I would probably not going at all due to Jakarta’s hectic Friday traffic. I might even fell asleep and let the time passed. So, I decided to do an impromptu visit to Plangi’s 21 Cinema while checking for Twilight Saga: Eclipse tickets availability as well. As expected, the tickets for Eclipse show on 7 PM are (almost) sold out, leaving several front rows available. I happened to bring a course friend along with me. She also had an appointment with her friends to watch World Cup match Nederland vs Brazil. But she, just like me, were too fast ahead of the appointed time. Hence we watch Letters To Juliet to kill time.

Next stop is Hollywood KC. Because we found it was impossible to get Eclipse ticket, and the fact that we actually preferred Knight & Day earlier, we decided to move the base from Plangi to KC. It wasn’t that far apart either. Less than 5 minute, we arrived at KC and bought Knight & Day ticket when the thought of back-to-back came across our mind. After buying the tickets for Knight, we asked the teller about Eclipse show for 9.45 PM and guess what? It still has available seats at favorable locations! Well, at least favorable for my shortsighted eyes viewing pleasure, that is. Wasting no time, we decided to bought the Eclipse ticket as well.

Yeah! Three movies in a row? What a day!

The thing is, I’ve done back-to-back before and the result was although my viewing process was not interfered, the story re-telling was interfered. I found some mix-ups in my story, whenever someone asked me about one of the movies that I watched back-to-back. I get confused between the two films. Although not thoroughly confused that it made me forgot the whole story. And I kind of lost connection with the films I watched. I like the feeling that I have connection with movies I’ve watched. It did not necessarily had to match my real life condition to make a connection. I like to evaluate the acting, the feeling, the message, and many things. Especially the chemistry.

At the end, I was left with one feeling that surrounded me all over. Tiredness. And not to mention sleepy! But, good or intriguing movies released at the same time, so I guess I won’t be doing this again soon. Ah well, save for the pocket too, anyway, hehe


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