TV: Accidentally On Purpose

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What happened when a 2-hour long romcom got expanded into a 30 minutes sitcoms with 18 episodes? It can be anything from boring, slow, romantic, fun, or just plain whatever. This is the exact same feeling I get when I watched Accidentally On Purpose. It reminds me a little bit of that Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen romcom, Knocked Up. The storyline were similar: a successful woman meets a mediocre guy in some bar, have a sexual encounter, got pregnant and the story of two totally opposite character and lifestyle, goes. The difference is that on AOP the woman is years older than the guy.

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The story started when Billie, a newspaper movie reviewer, met Zack, an aspiring young chef, on a bar. Somehow, they hit it off and although promise to never meet again, they did. Several times more. As the result, Billie is getting pregnant and Zack moves in to live with her. Around them, there’s Billie klutzy sister Abby, scottish friend Olivia (played by Ashley Jensen from Ugly Betty as Betty’s stylist friend Christina), and Zack’s lazy best friend, Davis. There’s also James, Billie’s boss and ex-boyfriend, who apparently still wants to be with Billie.

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The whole story is actually quite funny. I don’t know why Fox decided to cancel and not renewing it for 2010-2011 season. Perhaps, maybe because the baby would already been born at that time and the story would somehow turned into a soap opera material rather than sitcom. Or maybe because Jenna Elfman, who played Billie, was actually pregnant during filming and gave birth to second son earlier this year, wasn’t so sure about leaving her infant baby at home. Or there’s a new, more exciting, more fun, series coming through. As for the chemistry, I don’t think there’s much left for the actors since one of them was actually pregnant. So, the series more focusing its weight on the humor side, which was not quite super funny, imo. Unlike Friends, the laugh factor in this series was a mere 7 instead of Friends’s 9 out of the scale of 10.

Anyway, the opening theme is quite nice and catchy. It’s the song by The Rosenbergs and titled Birds of A Feather.


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