Bieber Mania

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I cannot say where do I stand on Bieber Mania. I am woman and no longer a fourteen year old junior high school girls, even my high school days were long gone before daylight. However, I am totally understand and highly tolerant for those tweens who are madly in love with Justin Bieber. I myself used to be fourteen and go insane over a Hanson brother or one Boyzone member. Blame it on hormones. I used to look up to Leonardo DiCaprio and feel that he is the most gorgeous human being in the world. Jared Leto, James Marsden, Joshua Jackson (old school pin up boys, of course) are all in the outs compare to Leo. But then, watching him on Inception and looking at all the news pictures, I beg to differ. He’s not that gorgeous! I don’t know if Leo was never THAT gorgeous or that he’s just failed to grow old gracefully. I am beyond confused but decided to let the thought go away.

Hence the crazy little girls over Justin Bieber. Maybe, for some grown ups, Bieber is not that cute or not cute at all. He has this hair bang that swept across the face and (almost) didn’t suit his facial structure. And those big set of teeth. But for the tween girls, he’s like a statuesque roman god with all the right feature and flawless. I totally get it. Maybe, say 10 years from now, one of the fans would look back on old Bieber pics and the current Bieber and said to herself: “Heck! I’ve been fooled!” But by then she already had all her Bieber paraphernalias all stored up in the warehouse, if not trashed out completely.

What I don’t get it is the grown ups hatred toward Bieber fans. I can understand the Bieber hate. But telling ALL Bieber tween fans that they’re completely out of their mind, is too much! Like I said, they’re just fourteen! Let them be. Let them grow, and learn their own lesson.

Anyway, Mr Bieber himself is NOT without talent. I cannot decide whether he is super talented or just plain good at it, though. He can dance. Just watch his youtube channel and see the clips from his early teenage years (oh, he IS early teenager, geez…) His latest clip, “Somebody To Love” with Usher, was one of the prove. And that bowling alley dance on “Baby” is awesome (do you know how slippery is a bowling alley?). He reminds me of Chris Brown’s early stage of popularity. Both of them focusing their star power on sophisticated street-style dancing. But then, Chris hit Rihanna and he went down, down, down.

Bieber, along with Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers are the only teen popstars that ever made it to my playlist, though. I do get some Miley or Pixie Lott songs playing as well, but I don’t think she belong in the same group with them.

Justin Bieber ft Usher – Somebody To Love *love the pink fans dance behind Usher!*

Justin Bieber ft Ludacris – Baby


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