No Good TV = MTV

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Want to do something but can’t figure out what to do? or into the insomniac zone but don’t want to eat? Tune in to MTV. The real trashy so-called music television which actually only offer half portion of music. The rest is trash. Teen Cribs, My Super Sweet 16, Teen Mom, The Hills, The City, Jerseyshore, Made, Dudesons, Real World… ALL CRAP. Even the music videos are craps and almost not proper to watch. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kesha, Usher, all offer nothing but improperly dressed women and men. Yikes. They played the same music videos and the same tv programmes over and over again. I bet the people working at MTV are all bored with those, too. MTV also have some series like Blue Mountain State and RJ Berger, and guess what? They’re crap as well. I only stand to watch the series only at the first episode and lasted no more than 10 minutes before clicking the remote control and switch channel.

The only MTV programme that are worth to watch and wait for the next episode is Pimp My Ride. And the people of MTV decided to cancel the show on 2007. What? So those Pimp My Ride I’ve been watching were those of before 2007? Maybe, there is nobody working at MTV programming room. MTV had decided to fire all those unlucky people (due to recession) and placed a machine instead. Inside the machine there’s some processors running some computer programs that iterates daily and made few decision making steps.

Huh. Wonder if I could just cancel the MTV channel and switch with HBO…


2 thoughts on “No Good TV = MTV

  1. yea miss the MTV pre 21st century, good music (including the local ones!!). With the decline of mainstream music quality and lots of non-music materials on MTV nowadays, theres no reason to watch it ever.

    I probably still watch that machine-operated MTV if it still has the music from 90s or 80s

  2. i don’t know if mtv still had some vids from the 80-90s.. I rarely watch mtv and if i do i never saw any vintage music played on mtv.. Perhaps the machine programmers are those high school IT prodigy who obviously never heard of Duran Duran

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