My Glue-y Capcay

Today’s menu is Capcay. Everytime I want to cook something, I usually goes on extensive research (Google, that is) to find recipe with the Best Practice. If I happen to find more than one, I will make my very own version based on recipes I’ve collected and bookmarked in the browser. Some meal turned out fine, some turned out a bit off, and some are successful hits. This one, however, is the one that almost off completely. How so? Because I am still unfamiliar with texture of Maizena or the corn starch powder, and how it will be when you add some water and put in a heated pan. I know the mixture would turn somehow thick and almost porridge-like, but since I’m in my trial-and-error cooking, I add some extra maizena and extra heat on.

This is the recipe that I had in mind, this is truly my version after comparing various Capcay recipes online.


  • Wortel
  • Bloemkol
  • Kol
  • Brokoli
  • Paprika
  • Kacang ercis


  • 1 buah Daun bawang
  • 2 buah Bawang merah, iris tipis2 (atau ulek sampai halus)
  • 1 sdt bubuk Bawang putih
  • 1 buah Bawang bombay
  • Garam
  • Merica
  • 1 blok Kaldu
  • 1 sdm Maizena, encerkan dengan air secukupnya
  • Minyak goreng
  • Air

1. Bersihkan sayuran, potong sesuai selera
2. Tumis bawang-bawangan hingga harum
3. Masukkan sayuran
4. Masukkan air, kaldu, garam, merica, dan daun bawang
5. Aduk hingga mendidih
6. Masukkan maizena encer
7. Aduk hingga kental

So what goes wrong then? Here, in my humble yet think-I-might-be-smarter-than-average, I add the Maizena. I put one tablespoon and mix it with water. Then I thought, hey, this is not enough! So, I added one more spoonful of maizena. And since I want the meal be ready for lunch, I put the gas on high. Guess what? It became a sort of glue.

Thanks to Enno for correcting the failed attempt! However, the vegetables are already flabby and cooked so, I just let it be.

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