Cheryl Cole – Parachute

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you love So You Think You Can Dance, BBC Strictly Come Dancing, or the new Got To Dance, then you will love this video! I have plenty times of TV watching now, thus I have been watching all of those dancing competition reality shows and the minute I switch the channel to one of the music channels, I was caught by this music video (MV). The dancing, the song, and the It’s Cheryl Cole factor made me stuck and don’t switch channel. There must be something about me, that I always found girlband member married to England football athlete, fascinating. My previous fascination, and still going on now, is to Victoria Beckham. Hence, Cheryl and her husband Ashley are on the process of divorcing, but somehow my fascination grows bigger on her.

This MV featured lead dancer Derek Hough, who’s popular in The US for Dancing With The Stars, him being the dancer who danced with famous or used-to-be famous people of America. The music and the dance were caught on and a perfect match. And what’s more is that one of the backup dancers shown is looking quite look like Tom Hardy from Inception, hehehe…

Here is the MV, although it is way better on widescreen or TV so the chemistry between Derek Hough and Cheryl Cole (rumored to be dating) is seen clearly.

and here is Disney monster Princess, Selena Gomez, trying her best to murder this cool song! Whoever gave her the idea that she can DO this song?


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