People here…

  1. Walk fast, talk fast, eat fast. I think they don’t believe that even after meal, you need to take slow walk back into your desk.
  2. They like to add the word: “Yes?” or “Ya?” at the end of a sentence, whenever they talk. Especially to me, since I don’t talk Dutch (what a shame, I admit)
  3. Bring coffee for others. The most noticeable habit is to ask: “do you want something to drink?” to everyone in the same room whenever they want to take drink from the free coffee/cappucino/chocolate/tea machine… and yes, I have to emphasize on the free word since the cheapest cup of coffee will cost you €1, and yet the coffee in my office taste damn well, too.
  4. Drink milk for lunch. Fresh white milk. And sometime, there are people who eat with boiled or poached eggs as well. Usually, in one big round table, it’s me who drink juice or tea, while others drink milk.
  5. Mostly are commuters. So far, I only found 1 person living in Amsterdam, while others live in much farther away places. They usually drive, though, since all the mileage are covered by the company. But still, 1-2 hours drive it’s nothing for them, and yes, there IS a heavy traffic jam lasted for hours, here in Amsterdam (and Den Haag, or so they say) as well.
  6. Always say “Hi!” to others, whenever we bump into the hallway, toilets, elevator,… everywhere. And they always say goodbye whenever they’re about to leave. Even the bus driver, always say “Halo!” or “Hi!” or “Goedemiddag,” they always said that even without any facial expression.
  7. Really  love bread. And butter. And cheese. In the lunch canteen there’s a vast variety of bread that I could ever imagine. The white bread, brown, brown with freckles, brown with nuts, gray, almost black, long, square, round, oval.
  8. Eats raw fish, just like sashimi, but with bread. Put some slice of raw salmon between two breads, add the sour mostard, cheese, butter, and pieces of boiled eggs and there’s your lunch! I just came to know that Friday is Fish Day (it’s a christian thing, I guess) so every Friday they served raw fish on ice as one of the salad offering.

PS:  This observation mainly taken from people in my office. So, if there’s something missing or not correct, well then just let it slide. And also this is based on my experience working for (almost) 1 month here, I will add up more…


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