What the what…?

So, yesterday afternoon I came home quicker (read: Pul-Cep alias pulang cepet) because I wanted to have this shopping spree and also movie date with my friend. I went home from the office at 12am, said goodbye to everyone left in the room (only 2 person, luckily, since it’s Friday) and bring my laptop home, as well (because I had this morning meeting on Eindhoven next Monday). Since my friend wouldn’t be available until 4pm, thus I took a nap at home. Boy, how liberating that felt for me.

Around 3.30 pm I’m out of home and was in the tram to Amsterdam Centrum in Dam Square area. I met my friend and we start our shopping trip. We spent 1 hour in this clothing store called C&A and after trying shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, coats, shoes, hats, and gloves, we decided that we all have found what we’re looking for and headed to the cashier.

All went well until it’s my turn right in front of the cashier, and I looked for my wallet which is nowhere to be found! Gah! I cannot find my wallet! The cashier already shown the amount that I need to pay yet I’m still searching through all my bag’s contents, which resulted in No Wallet there! Luckily my friend lent her debit card and said “just use mine now..” Aw shiz! While it’s me who made an appointment and promised of movie date all expense paid by me, yet I didn’t bring my wallet. Arrggh!

I am so embarrased.

My friend keep telling me that it’s okay, but it’s okay for her… while I’m drenched in embarassment and shame. Aarrgh! I then found € 15 in my coat’s pocket then we went to nearest McDonald’s so I can save a little of my face and treat her dinner.

My wallet then found in my laptop bag which I earlier took to the office. Guess, this is what I get when leaving work earlier. Thus, I have sin and I have been repaid. Hhh….

What and experience! Next time, wallet check first before even leaving home!


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