Raising Bi-lingual or Polyglot Children

I just got a new advice from a colleague at the office (she got this from her own children’s speech therapist):

Don’t speak to your children with language that is NOT you mother language!


 Because your children will imitate you and especially your accent and ALL of your grammar mistakes. So, if you ever consider to raise bi-lingual (or multi-lingual) children, consider YOUR OWN linguistics skills. It’s actually better to let them learn foreign language by a teacher or other people with better accent and grammar. Thus, just speak to your children using your own language, the one that you know best about all the grammars and intonations. Don’t worry about your children linguistics ability, because a child’s brain will develop in time and without you’re realized, your children are already speaking in multiple languages! Even far more better than their parents!

Oh, by the way, the colleague of mine are from Argentina and she fluently speaks Spanish (naturally!) and because of this advice, she only speaks Spanish to her children. Now her children, ages 4 and 2, are speaking Dutch, English, and Spanish. Her children are quickly switching into Spanish whenever they want to talk to her.


6 thoughts on “Raising Bi-lingual or Polyglot Children

  1. multi-language.. ~iri

    make sense sih, secara anak kecil itu paling gampang adaptasi ama bahasa. duh, jadi pengen kecil lagi 😛

  2. Yup, bener banget. Dulu gw pernah disarankan oleh temen gw, orang linguistik. Katanya, anak elo itu tidak boleh mempelajari bahasa selain bahasa ibu sampai umur 2 tahun. Bahkan salah satu professor di UI, suaminya dipaksa untuk belajar bahasa Indonesia.

  3. @adji: belajar bahasa asing kalo ga niat2 banget bakalan susah dan jadinya malah buang2 uang aja… Tp kalo elo masih semangat ya lanjut aja, biar cv lo sedap dipandang 😛

    @rakhmad: bukan ga ngajarin bahasa asing, tp jangan sok2an pake bahasa asing di depan anak kecil soalnya mereka cepat mengerti dan cepat pula meniru

    @feha: well, gw dan iang sama2 ga pake bhs jawa dan sunda jd ga bakalan juga ngajarin.. Ntar logatnya aneh he3… Kalo bahasa Java itu mungkin (kecil kemungkinan tapinya) bisa diajarkan 😀

    • so what is it your point exactly? that you want your children to have multiple accent, thus you should go on and live in england? or that YOU are bragging about your skills on multiple accent? Hm.. if it’s the last one than I SHOULD come and see you and give you opportunity to prove it then 🙂 How about that? next december will be appropriate 😀

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