Baby Prep 1: Cribs and Stuff

Although we still don’t know what tomorrow brings, especially about where we’re going to live after the baby’s born, but we already have some things bought for our future little princess. Somewhere in the middle of March (this month), we went to IKEA Amsterdam and bought some stuff for her. We bought the crib (Wieg or Ledikant), matress, covers (Laken), and blanket (Deken). We also bought a pack of small cotton pieces (Hydrofielluiers) to use as multi functional wipes, a long sleeping bag-like pyjama (slaapzak), a set of bedsheet and cover, and also a baby bathtub (Babybad).

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The trip to IKEA was done by a friend’s car (many many thanks for him) and I think it’s a VW Polo, and it’s so ‘compact’ that the crib almost didn’t make it in. We don’t buy any pillow since the pillows in IKEA was only for babies from 2 years old. We have to buy a special pillow somewhere else, and I got some ideas where to buy it. Here’s what it looks like:

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No doubt there will be more buying things for the next months! Well, we already bought the babywagen (baby stroller) which can transformed into 2 stroller types, for the newborns and bigger babies who can walk and sit properly (around 1-3 years old, I suppose). I will put the pictures later of that thing, since we got it in a quite special way: a second hand babywagen from markplaats we bought for only ā‚¬ 60 for the whole set.


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