Baby Prep 2: Gratis-an!

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Personally I think, Pregnancy and childbirth and childcare are the most growing business in the world. It’s a joyful moment not just for the parent but apparently other people around as well. Here in The Netherlands, there’s even a special promotion pack dedicated for pregnant women and their newborn babies. Some of the biggest player in mother and baby business are even giving out free stuff for expecting mothers, like me. All I need to do is simply send in my name and address and due date to them and somewhere around my mid-pregnancy periode, they will send me a pack of goodies.

This for example, I got my Etos Felicitas Zwangerbox from a drugstore named Etos. All I did was fill in my name, address, baby’s due date, and my age on this website. Then a month ago, I received email from them notifying that I can go the nearest Etos shop (which is virtually everywhere on Amsterdam-area, maybe for every 5 km). So, I went there and pick up this blue box. Apparently, there’s 2 box: the blue one and pink one. The pink one will be available for me after my baby is 3 month old.

So, what’s in it? The box, of course, is laden with promotional stuff from magazine (so you can subscribe to them afterwards), a book of everything a mother and baby (might) need (from Etos itself in a form of catalogue-like handbook complete with pricing info), several discount coupons, and my favourite: freebies! The freebies consist of pacifier(fopspeen), free samples of diapers, ointments (babyzalf), a plush toy doll, a huge package of babywipes, babywipes jar (to store all the wipes), and Mama buikbalsem for keeping mother’s belly from stretch marks and dryness. All in total of €65, according to the website.

Now I’m waiting for yet another free gifts from another store. Hopefully it will arrive soon 🙂


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