My Mom is coming!

Yeah, finally I have my own family coming over for a visit and a short stay. My mother’s coming over for my childbirth and to make sure that everything’s fine with me. That and to bring some of baby stuff she already bought for her future granddaughter. Besides that, my mother’s trip is also something of a milestone for me, since I bought the plane ticket for her! I have been dreaming of buying my mother a holiday somewhere since I had my very first job. I’ve been working since 2006 and all those times I can only dream and wish to give her something more than just flowers or a brooch or bracelet for her birthday. I felt so happy right now, I wish my Mom feels the same too.

I know this time it won’t be any holiday for her since she will be busy helping me and the baby and our new appartment (we are moving in June). I don’t know when can I see her again, so I’m really going to make the best of these moments.

With new country, new job, pregnancy, and new house, all aspects of my life is changing and will change for continuity. So far, all things happening to me have been a real eye opener and broaden my horizon, and yes, I am confident to say that my mind has been stretched wide open to accept this new life I’m living. That’s why with the visit from my Mother, I am sure there will be some sort of breeze of soft fresh air within my life.

Oh geez, I’m getting poetic… Time to cook some dinner, then!

But wait a minute, I want to share tricks and tips for obtaining a tourist visa for The Netherlands, My Mom Style:

  1. Although there’s a new feature on their website about setting visa appointment online, the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta, still received walk-in appointment-making. My Mom did that (since she’s not quite tech savvy) and she got an appointment date 2 weeks afterwards instead of browsing through the embassy’s calendar (which is mostly marked as Full)
  2. Online check-in? What is online check in? That’s what my Mom thought thus she made a phone call to KLM Jakarta hotline and checked herself in 3 days before the visa even approved! Usually, online check in holds until 24 hour before the flight to allow passengers to check in online-ly. But apparently no such rule apply to direct phone calls check in
So, for anyone planning a trip to Europe, The Netherlands especially, could try these steps instead.

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