The Importance of Health Insurance

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My daughter is just 3 weeks old, yet when I went to the hospital ER (lagi jadi Emak Lebay) they asked me to present her insurance card. My first reaction was: “no, she doesn’t have it… she’s only 3 weeks old!” The administration officer then took my insurance card instead and typed the number onto her computer. Then yesterday, I made an appointment to visit a pediatrician, for regular check up and I need some convincing to do, and today the administration officer called me and said: “I see that your daughter hasn’t been registered to any insurance company yet…” and again my reaction was: “we haven’t made one for her yet” and the reply was: “well, you better make it soon otherwise it will be difficult for the payment and so on.” I was like, why the hell are they so pushy on the insurance thing? Besides, even though I made one for my daughter, it will take weeks to be completed.


I am wrong. Apparently registering my daughter’s insurance is only a phone call away, and voila! there’s her insurance policy number ready to use.

Insurance system is just one of the example of how well integrated everything here in The Netherlands. When I first arrived here, I haven’t made any insurance. After learning that I am pregnant, the first time I checked myself up to the midwife, I didn’t have any insurance but they said it’s okay and they will wait for the payment, not charged us any fee or obliged us to pay. I finally had my insurance within weeks, even months after that. I remembered asking one of my work colleague about what is the best insurance company. He named a few companies and I just happened to read one of the advertisement online and clicked on it. When it’s time for the routine check up with the midwife, I told them that my insurance is available. What they did then was entering my date of birth, my name, and there’s already my insurance number and company written on the system! I wasn’t even tell them what the insurance company was. And it was a private practice, not a government owned, thus double the surprise. Everything’s connected. That goes the same whenever I changed my address, went to the municipality office to register, and then the insurance company will somehow cleverly send letters to the new address.

Health insurance also important to extend the Residence Permit, and hell, even applying for a Netherlands visit visa we ought to show the proof that we’re covered by a legitimate travel insurance. If we don’t have it then I believe it’s a no-go for the next process. Thus, the extension of residence permit could be stalled, the visa would not be issued, and so forth.

never know that Health Insurance could be that powerful. Yet, when I’m still working in Jakarta, my office automatically enrolled me to a Health Insurance provider. So, it’s basically the same condition with the one I had here. I never have to pay for any medical bills and also the cost of medicines.

So, here, whether you’re a consenting adult or a newborn baby, you should be ‘equipped’ with a health insurance.



3 thoughts on “The Importance of Health Insurance

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  2. 3 things that are really important abroad:
    1. Your passport / ID
    2. Health Insurance
    3. Credit score.

    It can also affect whether you got a job or not xD

    • well, the credit score and health insurance was not asked when i was interviewed… besides, credit score for job interview? seriously? so what if your score is low but you’re a capable worker? doesn’t make sense to me..

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