My Mom Is On Facebook

My Mother has finally decided to join Facebook, after all these years persuading or asking questions at her to join in. Almost all my Aunts and Uncles are on it, but somehow she seemed disinterested. Not highly disinterested, but like, totally ignoring it. It’s just like the time with her and her mobile phone, her laptop, and even streaming movies / dramas instead of buying DVDs (since she had to wait until the series had finalized to be able to purchase the complete series). All of them were started with ignorance not-my-kind-of-thing attitude.

When she first made an email account, she was so hesitant to check up on new messages through mobile phone. Always checking her emails on her desktop PC (this was the days before she finally bought a laptop). The thing is that my Mom is currently taking a master’s degree, or to put it simply, she’s going to college again after 30 years. In this day and age, lecturers and students are often changing messages and submitting home works through the means of email. So, for quite a time frame, my Mom was like “let’s go home Now! I need to check my email,” which is sometime good for me 😛 After a while, she got tired of constantly back and forth to home quickly, she finally give up and ask how to set her phone up so she can read emails through mobile phone instead. Yay!

It’s not just my opinion, my Mother herself admitted once that she was appalled to use desktop PC on her office. This was way back when offices were starting to equip each and every employee with a desktop PC, around the late 90s I suppose. But it didn’t get along with her instantly, hence the piles of papers and books filled with her handwriting from work, which can be found at the storage room in our house (err, that’s My Mother’s house, now for me). She used to bring this little case filled with pens and pencils up until 1-2 years ago. Now she had her own laptop, I don’t see her getting the pencil case out. Well, not that I’m constantly by her side, though, but I’m pretty sure that case would probably there somewhere in her big carry-all bag, but with lesser items inside.

So, now she’s on FB. Just when the trend are starting to (sort of) wear off. Her reason is very simple and endearing to me: to see all the pictures and videos of my daughter Nina. Since for every upload I tagged my sister and brother, and after she went back home to Jakarta, she’s quite insistence to see all the pictures and videos. That actions demand my brother or sister to be available on her side to open their facebook account. I can imagined my youngest sister, Lila, being called again and again just because my Mom wants to look at Nina’s picture.

It’s a good thing my Mom join in. But I get this feeling that this would be like a double-edged sword for me. Not that I ever dissed my family in my statuses but, you know… I befriended many of my aunts and uncles and sometimes they just like to “pop in” commenting on things that are not related to them and making it awkward. I cannot give you examples, since it’s only once or twice here and there, and it’s private.

On another note, I can see my daughter Nina, 20-30 years from now, thinking exactly the same as I am. Haha!

Well, all and all, I’m welcoming my Mother to facebook. I hope she had a pleasant stay there.


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