Parenting Leave (Ouderschapsverlof)

Starting April 1st, 2012, I will have a full day off of work. I will start the work routine which people here called as “part time.” It is part time actually, since I will only work 32 hours per week instead of my current full time term of 40 hours per week. I was just granted a special leave called the ouderschapsverlof or loosely translated as parenting leave. What is it exactly?

Well, it’s an unpaid leave thus my basic salary will be cut according to the percentage of hours I took for my leave. For instance, I took an 8 hours leave out of my full time of 40 hours per week. It means that my basic salary will be deducted 20% off. It is a government regulation so no company or employer can have a veto over this. This special leave is only granted to employee who has child(ren) under the age of 8 years old and is up to 50% of the one year full time term of the parents. The leave term can be taken all at once and can also be taken scattered around for one year.

The available options are: 1) take a whole 26 weeks continuous leave within one year, thus leaving the leftover 27 weeks as working days OR 2) take 16 hours of leave within a week. For option 2, the 16 hours can be taken as 2 days (in a row or not, choice is yours) or take 2/3 hours per day within a week. There is also an option to take the leave every other week, so every 2 weeks you have day(s) off. This can go on for as long as the parents wishes, but the child(ren) must be under 8 year old.

Besides the child’s age, the parents must be at least been working for the current company for 1 year. Well, I found out later that this is actually my office’s regulation, but geen probleem, since I already worked here for 1 year (already!) I cannot wait until the first Friday (I took my leave on every Friday) off so I can spend more time with my dearest little Nina. Yeaaay!


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