Free Baby Food at Ikea Amsterdam

To find what we love about Ikea is very easy. Cheap and stylish furniture and home appliances, is enough as the reason. Not to mention the interior ideas shown in their showroom and lots of other stuff that you never know you needed until you visit Ikea (not sure if this is actually a bad reason, though). For me, I will never go out of Ikea with just the items I have in my list, sometimes I even did not manage to find all items on the list. But, anyways, it will always be a pleasant visit there, no matter how old the showroom design had been displayed.

So, now, I even found more reasons to love Ikea. First, we made the Ikea Family card which entitle us to free coffee and tea (refill-able) and 10% discount (true story). Second, the Ikea lunch room also sells baby food (!) on an Olvarit-style glass jars and also variable from fruits, vegetables, and meat. They also prepare made from paper baby bibs and of course, antilop baby high chair in every corner of the lunch room. I presume they already there the whole time, I was just not paying attention. Since now I have a solid food eating 9-month old baby, I can see clearly now.

Third reason for loving Ikea is that by the time I got to the cashier, she asked me whether the baby food going to be eaten right away or later. I said now, and she said, well, it’s actually free if the lid is open. All of a sudden she (the cashier) reached for the baby food jar and open the lid. Just like that. And guess what? It is free!

I hope there’s nothing wrong with the food there, especially baby food. Because there’s no such thing as free lunch? Or now there is?


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