Nationale Secretaressedag

So, yesterday 19 April 2012 was Netherlands’s Nationale Secretaressedag which is a national secretary day. It is celebrated annually and for 1 week all secretaries in the whole country will have lots of nice things and events held for them, and since it is for the secretary, I also believe that they were the ones who arranged those events as well. What should other colleagues do for the secretaries to thank them for all things they have done and all the lunch meetings or trainings and get-the-partner-to-sign-my-form actions, they have done for us? It is very common to give them gifts such as flowers. Flower bouquet is the ‘thing’ in The Netherlands. People really give it and it actually means so much for the giver and the receiver. Not only applicable for romance.

In the Business Unit where I work, we have 3 beautiful secretaries attending to whoever below Senior Manager level. SM and above, they have another set of three. Hm, when I think about it, the secretariats are always in the set of three secretaries. I have yet to see a male secretary, so far I only have seen female secretary. They held an event followed by a fashion show earlier this week, but the actual day of celebration is 19 April. Since we already seen several flowers in the secretary room, we decided to buy them candies, instead. Why? Because we think they are sweet. Ooww… Well, it’s because they already have flowers and the guys in my room wants to buy something they can also taste 😛 So, we collect money and bought them a bag of Chupa chups, marshmellow and jelly mix, and Drops. Drop (pictured above) is a traditional Dutch sweets that was almost in a texture of jelly, but not really. It has a faint taste of aniseed or liquorice. I have tried once the ones with maiszetmeel (corn-based coagulant) but commonly they used gelatine as coagulant.

Browsing through the interweb, I found out that Nationale Secretaressedag in 19 April is celebrated in most northern European countries and also center. It derived from US version of the same day but it is celebrated every 25 April.  Hm, wonder if they have an analyst day or associates day too?



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