Misskania’s Guide to watch Asian drama online


Here here, my favourite free time activity of all time: watching asian drama, be it online or directly on television. Although the second one is seemingly impossible for me to do nowadays. Anyway, this particular activity has been steadily on my list since 2005, so it is now officially a habit of mine. Since the internet connection here run at Husain Bolt’s pace, compared to the connection in my hometown, it is a total waste (capital sin) if I don’t stream movies or dramas. Legally, that is, or legal as in politcally correct terms. As long as the video has not taken down or marked by the producer as illegally downloaded or stuff. Ooh whatever! La dee da…

Anyhow, once I decided to see a drama, I have this guideline to follow:

  1. Complete series only. I have strong preference to watch only completed series, since I’m highly impatience and shallow hearted, I tend to skip scenes. Especially heart wrenching, tear jerking scene. Although most times I just let it flow and cry along with the characters in the monitor. That is why having the complete series is so handy. Because after one too many skips, it is just awful when you realized that there still several episodes to come. Just awful feeling, since you would never go back to watch scene by scene again. Especially when the storyline is exceptionally bad and that you watch it because it’s your fave actor/actress.
  2. Analyse the first episode. Watch the whole first episode from beginning to end and also watch the preview of the upcoming episode. In asian drama, all characters are out in the open since episode 1. You can even directly tell which one is protagonist and which one is antagonist. That is a basic structure of asian drama, it is not arguable. Unless the story begins with childhood or past times, but this method applicable for any storyline. So, what’s left for the viewers is the storyline. How the characters are defined, the personality, and what is the main problem. The genre of the drama also instilled in episode 1, a tearjerker or a romantic comedy or a detective or a mystical drama. You can see it there, but make sure to tune in to the whole episode, and then you decide is it worthy of your time or not.
  3. Research. If episode 1 left you intrigued but not yet captured, then consult the almighty Google for the actors or actresses past dramas or movies. See whether the project names are familiar to you, or have good ratings. Also find the drama’s reviews and recaps, usually there will be commentaries from a writer or users. There are several good asian drama reviews blogs or websites, they all trustworthy and informative. At certain website, you can even read through the whole drama. This can be good or bad, because now you know everything, chances are you already become too lazy to watch it. But trust me, reading through and actually watching it, they are completely different.
  4. Spoil yourself. Okay, so episode 1 had been watched, reviews already read, but still not hooked but you want yourself to be hooked? Go to the final episode and see whether the ending suits you. If yes then go back to episode 2 and watch the whole drama!
  5. What happen when you already fell in love with a drama which currently airing? There’s no ending or final episode yet, what to do? Well, this is the uncomfortable zone. I did this several times too and have mix feelings towards this method of drama-watching. Why? Because not all of the drama have suitable endings, and that left a huge hole at the end, since this kind of drama-watching always make me watch the whole episodes from episode 1 to the end. So what to do then? What else can you do, right? Just watch and be patient 😀

So, enjoy!

Images: currently watched drama Faith (KOR) and Rich Man Poor Woman (JPN) <<– both are currently airing, yes I watch the episodes one by one. Lee Min Ho and Oguri Shun are worthy to be watch on a slow absorbing manner.


5 thoughts on “Misskania’s Guide to watch Asian drama online

    • yeah i know, some b*ches are crazily lucky hahaha 😀 but come on, there’s plenty eye candies in asian drama, Lee Min Ho, for example… Not just candy, it’s more like a savoury delicacy

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