Pempek Tongkol/Makarel


New Version Updated 24-Sep-2014:

Ingredients 1:
125 gr flour
250 water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp bouillon powder
1 tsp knoflook powder

Ingredients 2:
1 kg mackerel filet, using spoon to get the fish meat out of the skin
250 gr tapioca
2 tbsp cooking oil

How to cook:

  1. Masak semua Bahan 1 diatas api kecil sambil diaduk-aduk hingga mengental (kurang lebih 10-15 menit). Cook all Ingredients 1 in a small heat and stir until thickening (around 10-15 minutes).
  2. Bagi Bahan 1 yang sudah kental menjadi 2 bagian. Separate the thickened mixture into two parts.
  3. Put fish fillet into food processor until smoothly bended.
  4. Kemudian masukkan tapioka ke dalam food processor, sebagian demi sebagian hingga tercampur rata dengan ikan. Put in tapioca in parts, into food processor until smoothly blended and mixed with the fish.
  5. Masukkan minyak goreng. Put in the cooking oil into the mixture, keep on stirring.
  6. Masukkan sebagian Ingredients 1 dalam food processor dan terus diaduk. Put one part of Ingredients 1 into the food processor and mix well.
  7. Keluarkan adonan dari fp dan masukkan ke dalam loyang atau baskom besar, kemudian campurkan bagian sisa Bahan 1, aduk menggunakan
    spatula, atau tangan agar merata dan padat. Take the mixture in the food processor out. Put in the other part of Ingredients 1 and mix well with hands or spatula until all set.
  8. Biarkan adonan selama 30 menit sebelum dibentuk. Let the dough/mixture to cool for 30 minutes before making shapes/forms.

Version 1 5-Sep-2012:

Today, I made Pempek Palembang, one of the most missed Indonesian food for me. It looks so easy to make, because it is so easy to serve it. Usually I just bought a ready made ones and then fried them at home, but that was in Indonesia. Here, it is quite hard to find it, well, I do know where to buy them but I have to order them first, then have them sent to my house. Not practical, especially in dire moments where I need something to snack. I am also an impulsive cook, I will just cook what I want whenever I can. Maybe it is related to stress and that is how I relieve mine, but anyhow, I like to impulsively cook.

First thing I did was research. I have tried to make Pempek before, but the results were rather disatisfactory. Now I found a website, which gives out Indonesian food references with pictures. I repeat, with pictures. Step by step pictorial. How lovely!

Now for the main ingredients, it is commonly known that traditionally we used Mackerel or Tenggiri as main fish ingredients. We do have that fish here, fresh or smoked or canned. Sadly, if I want to go the whole nine yards with it, I have to buy fresh fish, skin them, and do whatever it takes to get the flesh out of a fish. Not my thing. I never filet a fish before, I eat fish filets, but never have to filet them by myself. So onto the next available options, I chose Cod or Tongkol or Kabeljauw (nederlands). I knew I chose the wrong type of meat, by the time I tried to grind it. It is not working. I should have bought meat from the back of the fish, or in nederlands, haas (also in Indonesian, daging has) of the fish. Because it has less skin and more meat, thus it will make a smooth complexion after being blendered, not patchy and separated. Duh.

What’s next? Well, I have to say I am quite lucky living in The Netherlands, since all ingredients are easily available. From the fish to Tepung Sagu/Tapioka, Ebi, Gula Merah/Jawa, dan Asam Jawa. Alles is verkrijgbaar, oh well, bijna alles maar het is genoeg.

Next stop: Martabak Kubang, someday…


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