Es Cendol

I could easily find this at a local Indonesian food restaurant or asian store, nevertheless, I am really excited to try and make one by myself. Beter served cold in a summer afternoon.


I. Cendol

75 gram Tepung Beras / Rice Flour or Hunkwee

50 gram Tapioca

600 ml Water

1 tbsp Pandan paste

2 tbps Sugar

1 tsp Salt

II. Sauces

200 ml Coconut Milk

200 ml Water

3 pieces of Coconut Sugar


2 Pandan Leaves, knot together


I. Cendol

  1. Mix all flours together, mix with 100-200 ml water, stir until there are no starch clumps left, just liquid
  2. Boil the rest of the water and pandan paste, and after it boils, turn the heat low
  3. Slowly mix the flour liquid with the boiling pandan water, keep stirring
  4. Put the salt in, keep stirring until it thickens and turn off the heat
  5. Keep stirring until the liquid turned to a thick and heavy dough with transparent color or shiny, set aside
  6. Let the dough cool off a while, and then pour it into cendol mould or a garnish mould  or something like this (see picture below) 
  7. Put coconut milk and salt and pandan leaves into a pan, cook until boils while stir continuously, turn off the heat, set aside
  8. Cook 200 ml water and coconut sugar until it boils and all sugar dissolved, turn off heat, set aside
  9. Let all parts cooled off, and then it is ready to be served

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