Thoughts: Going Dutch

Have you ever heard of terms “Going Dutch” which can be translated easily as pay for our own expenses whenever we go out or hang out with other people? That is what definitely best describe the Dutch people in mind. They are known for high efficiency in either cost or labor expenses. Not just that, they also known for their straightforwardness in expressing their thoughts. And also known as very friendly and open-minded. They also highly punctual and keep everything organized in their agenda. That is all so true.

If you ask a Dutch person for an appointment, even the casual ones like lunch or dinner, you have to be sure to ask them two weeks in advance, not because they are busy or what not, but for the agenda-keeping sake. They hate surprise visit. They also hate people coming late for appointment and trust me, they will keep score for that.

As for financial efficiency, they were not embarassed of that. Of course, there is nothing wrong for being economical. They can talk about money, tax, and other financial related discussion during lunch breaks, among topics of winter sport or iPhone, that is.

As for me, I do not see all of these things as negative. It is actually good and each time I went to Indonesia, I tried to enforce it a little by little. Such as hold gathering and count on RSVP’d people instead of doubled the count of people invited (this is common practice in Indonesia).


2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Going Dutch

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