First time selling second-hand item


Just sold my first second hand item via I use to buy stuff there and now I finally sell things! It was one of our baby strollers, yes, we have 3 sets of them. One or two surely needs to go because they were no longer used by us. Still on good condition, but we figured out that the carrying weight were to heavy and they do not fold spaciously. Additionally, we bought another stroller, which makes 4 of them at home. So we sell one.

Quite new but sadly we have lost the roof (zonnekap) in a flight and the small detachable bags with rain cover in it. So we sell half price of what we have paid for in the first place. It was a quick sell. Just within two days and it was sold. Out of sight, out of mind. Now we need to get rid another one. We intend to keep two sets: a buggy type and a complete sets including car seat and its adapter. We’re keeping the latter for our next baby, someday.

However, it was not my first experience. I tried to sell a gift voucher from my office, once. It was from a well known perfumery and cosmetics shop. At first I thought that the amount was too big for me to spend. At the end, it was never too big for me to spend on perfumes or cosmetics, so I took down the advertising. I was not get any bid near the actual price anyway.

So, on to the next item. Opruiming!


One thought on “First time selling second-hand item

  1. Yup same story here. Awalnya Qu*nny kita kebawa ke Indo tapi ternyata begitu di sini kita lebih banyak pake yg umbrella stroller 5 euroan beli di rommelmarket Amstelveen :P… We found this too spacious, berat, and plain simply ga cocok untuk “medan jelajah” di Jakarta yg cuma indoor. Very sturdy stroller though, well suited if you walk a lot in rainy/snowy/windy weather.

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