Learning Languages


I have been living in my hometown for almost thirty years before I jump ship and move to The Netherlands. Naturally, bahasa indonesia is my first language and my native tongue. I took the most common path to learn english, which were through obligatory school subject and also two years of general english course. To top that, I have also lots of references from books, movies, song lyrics, and all other casual daily references. I like language and learning other languages. I dread the day when I can use my english extensively and tirelessly.

In highschool I learned french for two years. It is the language which I have the most passion for learning. I cannot wait for the class each week and earn more knowledge on french. However, I did not have sufficient references and it evaporated quickly. I do wait for the day when I can use it in real life.

During college, I build a strong affinity towards korean language due to Hallyu wave. Quick introduction, Hallyu wave is the name of all korean fever such as drama, music, and culture in general. It was earlier brought mainly by their export in television drama and its extensive coverage all throughout South East Asia region. It keeps getting stronger by the help of their popular music and culture which all asian can relate and copy in an instant. So, it was completely natural when I decided to take a semester course for native korean language. I get an A for the course through classes and informal references such as drama and music. I still wait for the day I can use the language extensively. It does not have the same fate with my french as of today I still watch and listen to korean drama and music.

Next one is dutch. It is more of a survival for me since I live and work here for almost three years now. I have to admit that I did not do well for this one eventhough I have a two year private class. I did not even watch that many of television or listen to music in dutch language. I think being a wife, mother, and working woman, make me have less time and need to prioritize other things. I have to admit when it comes to dutch, I freak out when it comes to a live discussion. I mean, two years already, I only managed to read and write. I do talk to people but only on casual and basic level. In a professional way, I still stuttered my dutch. I have lots of references and I can practice it in my real life but still I stumled a lot. Maybe I am lazy or unsure, but I know I need to kick this fearful habit and just dive in head first. I need to open up first and let it all flow through.

The main thing is, when learning foreign language, it is always better not to just learn the language but also getting to know its culture. Television drama, musical lyrics, movies, newspaper, or even a simple thing as a leaflet or brochure, will surely help a lot. Television help you to understand how the words are used in daily life, music teach you how to rhyme and by rhyming you will learn handful of words, and reading materials will help you form sentences and get a grip of what is happening.

cr: http://www.6psbig3.com/blog/index.php/2011/11/01/add-language-to-linkedin-profile-to-help-job-search/


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