What Nederlanders Eat

I live in Netherlands for two years now, so I have good understanding with their food. Or something like that anyway. What is clear to me is their preference over some food. I based this on my daily observation. Yeah, they do eat stroopwafels or pancakes, but I believe that they would rather not eat those kind of food everyday. What do they eat then?



I rarely see Dutchman who do not drink coffee. Quite rare. I see my colleagues and ordinary people and they like to enjoy coffee. All over the country you can easily find coffee machines. In public office or public service offices, the coffee is usually free! At the immigration service, tax, municipality (gemeente), and also the police. But I am not saying that the coffee always taste great. Dutch prefer to choose their coffee dark, strong, and bitter. Just like themselves! But it is only a joke.



Milk is hands down the easiest and the most common food in the Netherlands. You can find this type of food in every store across the country. I do not mean dairy such as yogurt or chocolate milk, only the white cow milk. It can take a few forms: full (volle), half full (half volle), or skimmed (magere). It is the most popular food in lunch. Everybody can drink milk anywhere and anytime regardless of age and money. It is always available and ready to drink.



Boterham by per word definition can mean “butter” and “ham” but it is not as accurate. Dutch called sliced ​​bread or sandwich as “Boterham“. Why do they do that? I can not find a correct answer, but I may decide that the word came from the usual food smeared on a slice of bread. It comes in many different types of brown, light brown, white, whole wheat (volkoren), sesame, tiger, and so on. There are also bread with currants (krenten) or sugar or milk mix within the dough. I occasionally see people bought half a pack of bread and eat it as their lunch.



Cheese is eaten in lots of different ways. You can eat cheese with bread, in an oven meal, pasta, or in plain cheese cubes with mustard and wine. Netherlands is the famous producer of dairy so its cheeses are known worldwide. Gouda, Edam, Old Amsterdam only a few of entire range. It also comes in several forms such blocks, farm (round type), spreadable, and smoke. They also have cheese with spices and flavoring such as chicken, spicy, or cumin.


Apples or Bananas

There are many types of fruit available but apples and bananas are the winner of most purchased fruit in the Netherlands. Of course they also have grapes, berries, mango, avocado, but apples and bananas are easy to find. I usually see people purchased apple or banana to be eaten as snacks or lunch. You can come to the Netherlands and open a fruit shop. Then you must have at least one type of apple and a kind of banana sales. I see that variation of banana is not as much as apple has. Apple has variation of Fuji, Gala, Jonagold, Elstar, green apple among others.

So what should you prepare if you have a Dutch guest? Bread and milk and cheese for breakfast and lunch, coffee and apple or banana for snacks, and something nice and warm for dinner.

Eet smakelijk!


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