Sad Evening…


I met one of my daughter’s former daycare teacher (I don’t know what to call daycare carers) and we were all on the way home. I asked how she’s been and where does she work now. She worked in a daycare not far from my daughter’s current daycare, but still within the same parent company. Then she told me that she work only until 1 April 2013 as the daycare where she work now, is going to close due to low participant.

It was a pang to my heart as I was already put my daughter in her second daycare. The first one also went under the administration due to the same reason. It was actually very convenient as it was only 500 metres from home. It was once full of children and now just empty building with children playground in the backyard. I know all the teacher there and they all get along with my daughter.

The parent company of the first daycare then decided to move all the children into several different daycare, based on parent’s decission and the distance to their home. I was lucky as my daughter got into the new daycare where most of her friends go and even one of her old teachers will work there, too. Although at that time, she already has one particular favourite teacher. She is the one I met today. The one who will be laid off as of April 2013.

I asked her how does she get to be on the list? She said because she has not work long enough. She has only been working for 13 years (!) and other colleagues of her already work for twenty plus years. What made me more sad is the way she looked at my daughter and said “my my, are you a big girl now?” It has been almost one full year since we parted. “Do you still remember me?” she asked my daughter. My daughter is not even 2 years old, so her memory still undependable. I really hoped I can do something. I know the next time I saw her, I will ask for her telephone number and address. I mean, I still remember how we were on a train for family vacation and there is a lady sitting accross the alley and my daughter keep looking at her and even smiled, because the lady has short brown hair, just like her favourite teacher.

The economy is not in a good state now. The daycare subsidy from the government is decreased while the price per hour of a daycare, increased. So more parents decided not to take their children to daycare. I think they enlisted help from family and friends and also taking turn in part time work. If I live nearby my mother, I will definitely ask for her help. Although knowing my mom, and how a busy bee she is, she will probably say no. Well, she has been into hell and back all the time when she raised me and my siblings, so why would she return? Hehehe

Now the Dutch government urged me to put my daughter in a school. Or at least registered her into a waiting list at selected nearby school. I will put all into consideration for this next step.

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