One of casual conversations I had with colleagues from the office. This one is with the one who comes from province called Noord (North) Brabant which directly adjacent to Belgium. I live in Noord Holland, see map below for reference. It wasn’t that far fetch, the country is small, btw.

Colleague: “So, what did you do last weekend? It was a long weekend..”
Me: “Yes I know! And the weather not so nice but thankfully it was not raining that heavily, so we went to Texel”
C: “Ooh that is far away!”
M: “Not quite, it took me 1,5 hour by train and 15 minutes with a ferry”
C: “Okay and what do you think of it?”
M: “It’s a great nature view but we did not bring our bike so we took the bus ride around, but during the train ride I saw so many flower fields especially in Anna Paulowna”
C: “Sorry, what?”
M: “Anna Paulowna”
C: “Who is that? Is that a place?”
M: “Yeah!”
C: “Huh?”
M: “Come here, I’ll show you” (opening Google maps) “Here!”
C: “Ah, that is far away”
M: “No it isn’t, stop saying that it’s still Netherlands”
C: “I know but to me it’s practically foreign land”
M: Gah! Brabantse! LOL

Wonder what he thinks about Friesland?




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