This is a well known Indonesian hawker food, it is one of the member of the very famous gorengan foods which consists of anything deep fried. Its brothers and sisters are fried banana, fried cassava, sweet potato, tofu, and tempe. Not an actual healthy selection of food since they all deep fried, but surely taste homely for me.


200 gram Tapioca or Tepung Sagu

2 tbsp Flour

3 stalks Spring Onions, chop thinly


50 ml Coconut Milk

100 ml Water

2 cloves Garlic, mash and diced

Cooking Oil


  1. Mix flour, tapioca, spring onion, and salt into one bowl, set aside
  2. Heat water, coconut milk, and onion in a pan and cook until boil
  3. Pour the water mixture into the flour mixture and mix thoroughly. Knead until it is not sticking to your fingers anymore
  4. Heat the cooking oil
  5. Shape the dough into small balls and flatten them, fry in the oil

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