Old Songs Came to Mind

Meat Loaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)


I just realize what this song means. I first heard it when I was a very young girl, in elementary school, I think. I just liked the music and the fast beating of piano and rock and roll. Now I came to know what it means. It is a sad complicated cowardly song sang by a sad complicated cowardly lover whose unrequited love to a woman would never came true because he is afraid to tell or show. So he made promises to do anything for love but then he negates all the promises by saying that he will not do that. Gah! Talk about empty promises… In the video, Meatloaf the singer, was made into this beast looking guy who fell in love with a beautiful woman, but alas, he preferred to stay hidden away from her even as she plays visit to his house. A bit of Beauty and The Beast only no singing candle holder and clocks to encourage the love (Disney version, “be our guest, be our guest…”). What a loser but surely a great song!

Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven 

This song also first heard by me around my school salad days. Not even salad, more of seeds days of mine. I like the song because the melody was so smooth and nice and reminds me of my Dad who passed away in 1991 and the song was released in 1992. Eric Clapton wrote the song after losing his four year old son who tragically died after fallen from a New York high rise apartment. Now, I am a mother of two children and came to hear (and watch) this song again, and I felt the pain. I felt it before but now I can relate more with Mr. Clapton.

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain

Ridiculous music clip, awesome music. My first introduction to rock music and this kind of glamrock style of music is actually my kind of rock. Not about the hair or colorful tights or the headbands, but more about the full music and all out singing and guitars and drums. I found it hard to watch these kinds of music video nowadays, since they are so over the top and, hell, why was the church became smaller as Slash get out of it and started to play solo guitar? What happened to the bride, did she just drop dead after rain dropped on her wedding reception? Mind boggling. But the music, they are still on my playlist even for today.

Credits to GlobalVideoBeatSuperDictionarGunsNRosesVEVO


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