Dutch Insurances


I have been living in The Netherlands since 2010 and I must say I was once quite impressed on the amount of insurance available here. I used to know only health insurance, although this one is not mandatory to have back in Indonesia, and then car insurance as well as life insurance and home insurance. I get them all. I get it. Then I came by one day to a bank and had a conversation with one of the customer services and I was surprised on the various types of insurance. I also surf through the internet and found that there are even more than what I was told by the customer service. Okay, some insurance are readily available for anyone and it is basically anyone and some need preconditions such as health condition and that we are currently taking mortgages and other conditions as such.

My dutch is not that very well but I need to write this down in case someone asked me, do I have this insurance or that insurance. Also I hope this could be useful for others. Feel free to correct me, though.


This insurance will cover the damages we and our family member (spouse and children) inflicted upon others and their belongings. So, if us or our children accidentally knocked over and break someone else’s tablet PC or accidentally elbowed others and make them in pain and need some kind of hospitalization, this insurance will cover the fees.

This is a car insurance which will cover damages and accidents also dispute around our car.

This insurance particularly covers all our personal belongings that we bought yourself and want to keep it out of danger’s way. Say, we bought a nice big UHD television which we spent our entire annual bonus and some more, for it. We want to make sure that while we are away from the house, the tv will be alright despite fire, water, and short circuit. If we have those kind of valued posessions then this insurance will cover it for you.

This is basically home insurance which will cover our house, as a building, from damages such as fire and flood.

This is life insurance which will bequeath a sum of money in the event of us passing.

This insurance will cover our legal fees in relation with consumer affairs, income dispute, neighbourhood conflicts, and traffic. If we pay this monthly, the next time we are falsely ticketed for driving through red light and we need a lawyer, the fees will be covered by the insurer although there might still be some amounts billed to us directly (eigen risico).

This insurance will cover all our incidental expenses during our holiday which includes accidents, medical help, and damages such as broken car and other belongings.

This insurance will cover our funeral expenses in the event of us passing.

This insurance will cover our health and medical expenses and this is a mandatory insurance.


2 thoughts on “Dutch Insurances

  1. Dari semua asuransi yg elo sebutin, elo punya asuransi mana aja?

    Temen gw yg org Danish pernah cerita ttg asuransi kurang lebih kayak yg elo tulis. Dia malah ada asuransi buat dentist, jadi kalau dia ngalamin kecelakaan, dapet ganti pengobatan gigi.

    Tapi … gw di sini malah ga ada asuransi apa2 … kecuali asuransi kesehatan (yg terintegrasi dengan residence permit) … travel insurance buat business trip (karena dikasih di kampus) dan unemployment insurance. Gw pengen tambah2 asuransi lainnya, tapi males cari2 info dan selalu kepikiran, gw ga bakal lama di Denmark. Mudah2an kita baik2 aja dan ga ada kejadian luar biasa.

    • Gw yg health sama aansprakelijkheid (liability) soalnya itu harus punya kalau mau masuk daycare atau sekolah. Well, ga wajib sih, tapi highly recommended soalnya lo tau sendiri anak2 kecil kalo dikumpulin jadi satu main2 dan interaksi bareng kan bisa aja ada ini itu. Kalau2 ada yg minta ganti rugi biaya pengobatan atau kerusakan barang, gampang ngurusnya.

      FYI, ada kolega gw cerita soal aansprakelijkheidverzekering ini (ribet bener ini nulisnya 😀 ) dia cerita pernah pergi wine tasting sama salah satu temannya dan si temannya ga sengaja numpahin wine ke celana putihnya dia. Kan ga bisa hilang tuh. Si temannya coba ajukan claim, bilangnya dia ga sengaja numpahin wine, kena celana orang, orangnya ga mau beli baru dan minta ganti rugi. Eh dapet dia 50 euro buat beli celana baru. Mayan kan? 😀

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