Recipe: Mongolian Beef

*I have posted the wrong image before it was sole fish cut and cook using method and ingredients from Mongolian Beef recipe

I found this recipe while browsing through YouTube looking for Asian food recipes. I happen to have all the ingredients readily stocked at home, thanks to my weekly ‘meat’ shopping trip where I specifically dedicated to stock meat, sausages, salamis, chicken breast fillets, and many other food easily and commonly found in butcher shops. Since the butcher shop that I regularly go to is located inside a shopping mall and I have little children, I decided to go ONLY in the weekends. Too many distractions! 😀

Anyway, this recipe is so simple and easy to follow. I found it on a channel hosted by Seonkyoung Longest, a Korean lady who married an American thus the Vlog (video blog) is in English. I don’t drink alcohol and to make this recipe, I replaced the cooking wine with one part soda water and one part water.


Crunchy beef:
500 grams beef
1 Tbs soda water + 1 Tbs water (or 2 tbs cooking wine)
1/4 cup Maizena
1 tsp. Baking soda

1/4 cup Soy sauce
1/4 cup Cold water
1/4 cup Sugar

Sautée mix:
8 Cloves garlic
2 Bundles of green onion
Frying oil (approximately 2 cups) Canola, peanut, vegetable oils are recommended
2 Tbs Cooking oil
Toasted sesame seeds to taste

How to prepare:
Cut the beef into small and long pieces, also remove unnecessary fat from the beef.
Mix the beef cuts, soda water, water, maizena, and baking soda together. Set aside.
Mix all of the sauce ingredients until sugar is dissolved. Set aside.
Fried the beef cuts with cooking oil in medium heat until golden brown. Use the strainer to hold fried beef cuts.
While waiting for the beef to cook, chop and dice garlic, then set aside. Toast sesame in frying pan, without oil, until slightly darker or the smell of sesame is out.
Sautée garlic and 1 tbs cooking oil. When the smell of garlic has come out and changed slightly, put in fried beef and mix.
Pour in the sauce mix into the pan.
Cut green onions into 2 inch/5 cm wide cuts and put into the pan.
Stir fry until green onions softens.


Anyway, here is what Mongolian Beef recipe applied to fish looks like (I replaced beef with fish instead)



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