I’m now is a mother of a 15 weeks old baby and currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I also works at one of accounting/auditing company, one of the Big 4, in Amsterdam. My life is good and overall, happy. Living so far away from people you love, and who love you back, takes a lot of effort for adjustment. Just like an installation process (preferably iTunes installation =P ), my life is like a progress bar which runs sometime fast,  sometime slow, to finish installing.

Zo, Tot ziens!

Hard to say, I can’t even describe myself right. Do you happen to know the 25 Random Things About Me stuff? Well, till this very moment I couldn’t bring myself to write those details. Why? IDK. Lazy, I think. More personal detail of me could be found on Facebook but I cannot find the URL link to my own page (sigh!)

Whatever really, I actually digs on entertainment and fashion. Especially all those handsome and good looking guys. Pretty clothes and many superficial things, also in my favourite list.

Currently I’m working @ Astra International in their CRM-focused company, AstraWorld. I worked specifically on database quality management with data supply chain as my main jobdesc. I don’t have many subordinates, just some few good men who I think still look at me as this unqualified younger b*tch who just ordered them what to do. Oh wow.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, to tell the truth, I never lived away from there. I was born there, went to school, college, and now work. I did spent days and weeks abroad but that’s just for vacations. Nothing fancy, since I’m a huge budget traveller.

Well, that’s all about me. Hope you enjoy your visit!


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