Toilets around Dam Square Amsterdam

If in any near future you would consider visiting Amsterdam, especially the Dam Square area, I will give this useful tip on where to find public toilets. If you are like me, have unreliable bladder-holding-during-travel problems, this one is for you.

  • Amsterdam Centraal Station. There is one toilet complex right next to the train track/spoor 1 and next to police station and Burger King, which located above the main reception. It cost € 0,50/visit.
  • De Bijenkorf. This huge department store is unmissable because  it is so grand and big. Of course, they come with public toilet attached and this is the only place where you can pay your toilet by credit/debit card. Fancy schmancy. The toilet cost € 0,50/visit.
  • McDonald’s. The only place to easily find a McD establishment is Dam Square. Nowhere in Netherlands they come so closely to one another. I believe there are 3 or 4 McD’s along Rokin-Kalverstraat area. The toilet cost € 0,50/visit.
  • Hema. There are two retail Hema stores spread along the Rokin-Kalverstraat shopping haven. They cost € 0,40/visit. There is a big Hema store behind the C&A store in Damrak, and one more in the basement of Kalvertoren, a mini shopping mall behind La Place/V&D in Spui.
  • La Place. This food court is in conjunction with department store V&D in Spui/Muntplein (flower market). The toilet cost € 0,25/visit.
  • V&D. This department store’s toilet is located on the 4th floor, but I forget whether they are for free or not.
  • One of the H&M store also have public toilet and it is for free. But I am not sure which one it is and definitely not the new flagship store in front of Madamme Tussaud. I think there used to be one but they have since changed the layout. The toilet supposed to be in the fitting room area, because I once changed my daughter’s diaper there. Or perhaps that was a mixed up memory.

Of course, there are lots of ‘customers only’ toilets within the area. For instance in café’s or restaurants such as De Driegraefjes (an American bakery with delectable selection of cupcakes, this is where you can easily find a Red Velvet with Cream Cheese, yum!) or Croissanterie/Banketbakkerij (slightly overpriced coffee and warm Belgian waffles, a good treat after a long day of shopping and/or walking).

The list above is not a complete one, as there are still several crowd magnet places such as Burger King and KFC. I know they have one for each but I do not remember how much their toilet visit charged.


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